Types of Stones Available in Türkiye

Types of Stones Available in Türkiye

Natural stone is a product occurring in nature. Every item, like so many natural formations, is one-of-a-kind and unimitable. Each piece of stone also contains the history of a specific location on our planet. For example, today’s limestone floor was originally a swarm of small marine animals, then an ancient seabed, and finally a hillside where the limestone was unearthed after millions of years of uplift.

Your natural stone comes in enormous 50,000-pound chunks that are carved from a hillside. The slabs are then honed to give their natural hues a mirror-like depth, a smooth surface, or a subtle roughness to emphasize their rich, natural texture.

The mineral composition and provenance of a stone can be determined by its luster, hardness, hues, and variety.

Types of Stones:

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